Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is the average life span of a submersible well pump?

Answer: If a pump is sized correctly and maintained by the home owner, the average life span of a pump is 10-12 years.

Question: What kind of regular maintenance should I do to my pump system?

Unlike a heating or air conditioning unit, a pump system does not require yearly service. The most important thing a home owner can to do to take care of their system however, is to make sure that if the system beings to develop strange symptoms (air in lines, inconsistent pressure, high power bill) they call a professional to inspect the system right away instead of letting it go. Small problems can create larger problems if left unattended to.

Question: This month my power bill spiked, could it be related to my well pump?

Yes, if a high power bill is caused by a well pump system it is most likely a leak in the system that is causing the pump to run too often, worn impellers on your pump or a bad check valve.

Question: I woke up this morning and had no water, is my well dry?

Answer: Most likely not, when a well suddenly stops pumping water it is usually a mechanical failure of some kind, give us a call and we will get you back up and running!

Question: Why does my pressure tank feel empty?

It is a common misconception that the pressure tank should be full of water. This is untrue, in fact in most cases if your pressure tank is completely full of water, the tank is water logged and needs to be replaced. In a standard 86 gallon bladder tank, the actual amount of water held in the tank is 25.3 gallons; the rest of the tank is the air chamber.

Question: What are the most common components to go out on my pump system?

The most commonly replaced parts are the pressure switch (a small square box with a plastic lid located at the base of your pressure tank) or the control box (a midsized gray electrical box commonly mounted on the wellhead.) For more information about service related questions, please call our office and ask for the service department.
Question: What causes brown staining on my inside fixtures?

Brown stains are caused by a high presence of iron in your water and can be corrected by installing an iron removal system.

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